Vision Consultants, LLC began in late 1992 Gordon Aronson decided it was time to use his 29 years of working for
several companies in the engineering, construction and claims consulting businesses. Located in the Phoenix Metro,
vision did consulting and training throughout the United states for many types of businesses. Mr. Aronson is a
Registered Professional Engineer, spent many years as a Primavera Solution Provider and later an Oracle Partner
and trainer. He  did analysis and testified on many large construction projects that ended up in claims and in court.

Vision Consultants has continued in business for 30 years.  Operating in many states for companies in many industries
continuing with our goal of helping engineers, contractors, and attorneys create well designed and realistic project schedules that meet all project requirements and completely comply with the contract specifications and all industry standards. We evaluate and prepare/defend claims.  We offer Mind Mapping Services for planning, impact analysis and root cause analysis.

Though we hope that major impacts and resulting delays do not occur on your projects. But, inevitability suggests they will. And since the best defense is a great offence, we must make sure that you keep the best contemporaneous records and properly updated schedule and do the best updating you can do.

You will from time to time require the services of and Expert Witness.  No one is their best own expert witness.  You are simply too close to the subject to be unbiased and offer an unbiased and fare analysis.  This is when you need the help of a qualified, experienced Expert Witness to help with the preparation of, defense of a construction claim and to offer tectnical assistance to your attorney.